“The Right to Choose a Femidom”

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The Decisions for Life Campaign in South Africa has initiated the “Right to Choose a Femidom” campaign. Traditionally it is men who use condoms and women who negotiate their use.  The campaigns aims to  encourage young women to take control of their sexual and reproductive rights. One way do to this is for women to use a femidom - a female condom - which works both as a contraceptive and prevents transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

The campaign has been initiated through open and lively discussions. The statement “we need to be able to enjoy sex” has set the tone and young women are asking questions, discussing choices and experimenting with what they see as a new freedom. 

Frank talk about the Femidom

“It is not attractive”, “it has a funny smell” and “it makes a noise” were some of the initial fears about the femidom, but as discussions have continued many of the responses have been more positive: 

  •  “There is no sex without noise – so even if we are uncomfortable with the noise, we need to always remind ourselves of the benefits of protected sex”
  •  “We can find ways of making the femidom attractive”
  • “Like getting a drivers license, we will need to practice”

As part of the campaign young women workers are demanding femidom dispensers alongside male condom dispensers in the workplace. 

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