World Cup Fan Parks: An inside view - June/July 2010

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Researcher Nosipho Twala visited three Fan Parks around South Africa during the 2010 World Cup. She went to Soul Tsotesi, Orange Farm and the Cape Town Grand Parade.


She specifically wanted to find out about issues of trafficking and possible sexual abuse or neglect of children, as well as how working conditions have been for the hundreds of South Africans who have been drawn into working for the World Cup, as security staff, cleaners,vendors and in other capacities. She also spoke to young women about their experiences during the 2010 FIFA World Cup


While it was difficult to get confidential information from workers - most are bound by FIFA not to talk to the media - she did manage to get up close and personal with many staff, as well as visitors to the fan parks. 


She also found that there were significant differences between the parks in terms of safety for children, cleanliness and facilities.


You can read her full report here.