Sexual Harassment in the spotlight - February 2010

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Sexual harassment is in the spotlight in the South African media after a series of high profile "sexual indiscretions" carried out by local politicians. Althogh President Jacob Zuma's "Babygate" affair does not fall into the official category of sexual harassment, he has raised the ire of many South Africans through his extra-marital fling with a much younger woman - while simultaneously being married to three women and engaged to a fourth. 


Community Safety MEC in the Western Cape, Lennit Max, has also come under fire for an alleged extra-marital affair - and several alleged cases of sexual harassment, claimed by female colleagues.


Commentators have been united around one issue, and that is concern for the portrayal of women in contemporary society. It would appear that to be "owned" in a polygamous marriage, to be a "mistress" in an affair or to be abused in the workplace are all seen as normal positions for women to occupy.


In this light, it is very important to know what constitutes sexual harassment, and what you can do about it if it occurs in the place where you work. Read more here.