Matriculants urged to get skills to get jobs - January 2012

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According to a report in The Sowetan Newspaper, recent matriculants have been urged by economists to start their own businesses or else apply for learnerships and acquire technical skills as a way to increase their chances of finding jobs. 

Matriculants should be realistic about their skills levels and job prospects,according to the report, and acquire technical skills such as computer repairs, plumbing, carpentry and motor repairs. Or, they could seek careers in the service industry, such as tourism. There is a general feeling that a matric certificate is not enough for many job requirements.

Learn a New Skill

Cape Chamber of Commerce executive director Viola Manuel advised matriculants who will not or can not further their studies at universities to opt for FET colleges.

She said there were excellent qualifications aimed specifically at sectors which were still growing and employing. It was also suggested that matriculants should also make themselves available at local businesses to learn new skills.

The Cape Chamber believes that business, labour, civil society and government have to work together to embrace a new framework if the economy is to deliver meaningful job creation.

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