Malema’s EFF loses leader – August 2013

Julius Malema, Kenny Kunene, the EFF, Salaries and Wages, Economic Freedom and Workers and ore on Mywage South Africa

Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Front has lost one of its initial fans, businessman Kenny Kunene, who has quit his leadership positions in the newly-formed Economic Freedom Front with immediate effect. He said he was resigning from his position on the central command team as well as his role as the head of campaigns, mobilisation and special projects, after "considering a lot of things".

The party, whose members address each other as "fighter" and not "comrade", was launched earlier this year by Malema. The party’s main principles are: the expropriation of land without compensation; the nationalisation of banks, mines and other strategic sectors of the economy without compensation; improving the state's ability to create infrastructure to eliminate the need for tenders; free education, housing, healthcare and sanitation; industrialisation, job creation and the elimination of the wage gap between rich and poor; development of the African economy; and an open, corruption-free government without fear of victimisation by state agencies.

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