EPWP creates 310 000 jobs - September 2011

The EPWP creates 310 000 jobs, all about the EPWP and Community Care, providing jobs in the Community through the EPWP and more on Mywage South Africa.

Almost 310,000 “work opportunities” have been created since April 1 in terms of the expanded public works programme (EPWP). This is according to Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini.

“To date, more than 308,000 work opportunities have been created since the beginning of the current fiscal year, with most of the work opportunities created in the infrastructure sector,” she said.

The jobs include community safety, mass participation in sport, mass literacy, school nutrition programmes,the cemetery management programme and the waste management programme.

Food for Waste

The public works department is also implementing a food for waste programme, in which communities receive food vouchers for collecting waste and taking it to collection depots.

The vouchers are redeemable for groceries at participating local outlets.

The programme assists municipalities with waste collection services, especially where municipalities are unable to provide this service. The programme is now being rolled out in 30 municipalities in the provinces, creating over 3000 job opportunities for poor and vulnerable communities.

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