Overtime and the Law

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The issue:

"We have recently had a lot of public holidays, and there are going to be more during the year. Do I have to work on these holidays? And will I get paid extra?"

The answer:

Do I have to work on a public holiday?

No! Work on a public holiday is entirely voluntary and a worker (including domestic workers) may not be forced to work on such a public holiday. The official public holidays in South Africa are: New Years Day, Youth Day, Human Rights Day, National Woman’s Day, Good Friday, Heritage Day, Family Day, Day of Reconciliation, Freedom Day, Christmas Day, Workers' Day, Day of Goodwill.

If I do work, will I get paid extra?

Workers must be paid extra for working on a public holiday, usually double the normal daily rate. 

Can a public holiday be counted as part of my leave?

No! A public holiday cannot be counted as annual leave.

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