Inland and coastal waters fishery workers

Duties and tasks

  • Preparing and repairing nets and other fishing gear and equipment
  • Selecting areas for fishing, plotting courses and computing navigational positions using compass, charts and other aids
  • Operating fishing vessels to, from and at fishing grounds
  • Baiting, setting, operating and hauling in fishing gear by hand or using hoisting equipment
  • Gathering various forms of aquatic life from shores and shallow waters
  • Maintaining engine fishing gear and other on-board equipment
  • Keeping records of transactions, fishing activities, weather and sea conditions and estimating costs and budgets
  • Sorting, and storing catch in holds with salt and ice
  • Removing catches from fishing equipment, measuring them to ensure compliance with legal size and returning undesirable or illegal catches to the water
  • Directing fishing operations, and supervising fishing crew members

    Skill level