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South Africa News

  • 13th September 2019 - South African citizens withhold tax payments via tax avoidance and fraud as a direct result of lost trust in government due to the state capture saga. Research shows that trust in government has declined from 62% to 55% in 2018, while trust in the South African Revenue Service is still low at 60%.  Understand more about tax.
  • 11th September 2019 - Challenges responsible for the past low growth of the South African economy continues to exist and will have to be addressed urgently. The economy is in dire need of implementation of policies to achieve economic growth and job creation. Be your own boss!
  • 9th September 2019. - About 150 workers working in a South African government-funded program administered by the Eastern Cape Department of Transport in Uitenhage and Motherwell are on temporary contracts, taking home just R744 a month. They have been demanding permanent employment. Each time, they are promised feedback within three days. But this never materializes. Check your right.