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South Africa News

  • 14 January 2020 - Massmart, a retail giant in South Africa, has expressed intentions of closing down 34 stores which have been identified as underperforming stores as a part of their store-optimisation programme. This mass shutdown could potentially lead to a loss of 1440 jobs. Read more

Calling Uber drivers, Domestly workers and more ...

Do you work for Uber as a driver? Perhaps you deliver food for Uber Eats, OrderIn or Mr. D Food? Or maybe you work for Domestly or SweepSouth? If you work for any platform-based company, such as these, we are very keen to hear from you. How do you find your work? Does the system suit you? All responses will be completely confidential and no names will be released. Please contact 


Economic Facts

One of South Africa’s greatest challenges is an excess of unskilled labour. Hence, to address this, the government created the Skills Development Act (SDA) and the National Skills Authority (NSA).  Minimum Wages in South Africa