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South Africa News

19 May 2020 - The government of South Africa has planned to move from disease alert level 4 to level 3 by the end of May, allowing many industries to resume operations. However, areas with high infection rates will remain under level 4. According to a group of business organisations, 4 million jobs are at risk and the economy can contract 16% in this year. Due to the increase in testing and screening, the number of cases has risen in recent weeks. President Cyril Ramaphosa has disclosed a 500 billion-rand support package for improving growth and helping those affected most severely by the lockdown. Take the Covid-19 survey in South Africa

Calling Uber drivers, SweepSouth workers and more ...

Do you work for Uber as a driver? Perhaps you deliver food for Uber Eats, OrderIn or Mr. D Food? Or maybe you work for Domestly or SweepSouth? If you work for any platform-based company, such as these, we are very keen to hear from you. How do you find your work? Does the system suit you? All responses will be completely confidential and no names will be released. Please contact 


Economic Facts

  •  Did you know that more than 50% of the agricultural exports from South Africa were fruits? This contributes to more than 2.5% of the country’s GDP. Figures indicate that approximately 4.7 million tons of fruits are produced in South Africa, from which only 12% is sold locally, 28% is used for processing, and 59% is exported.  Check your cost of living!
  • South Africa is doing well when it comes to gender and its economy. The 2020 World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report ranked the nation at the 17th position on the list. Its position is much higher than that of countries such as Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Canada.  What affirmative actions have been taken by South Africa?
  • One of South Africa’s greatest challenges is an excess of unskilled labour. Hence, to address this, the government created the Skills Development Act (SDA) and the National Skills Authority (NSA).  Minimum Wages in South Africa 

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