Paul Biya

  • President Cameroon
  • Born: 1933 Cameroon
  • Married
  • Children: 3
  • Annual: R8 642 388,00
  • Monthly: R720 199,00
  • Weekly: R166 199,77
  • Daily: R33 239,95
Paul Biya June 2018: Paul Biya as the highest paid African President with a sum of $610,000 (Ksh61 million) per annum. AllAfrica July 2015: The highest-paid leader, the research could find, is Paul Biya, whose $610,000 annual salary is almost three times that of President Zuma, despite the South African economy being 10 times bigger than Cameroon's. March 2014: Le Chef de l’état camerounais, Paul Biya, gagnerait 200 euros par mois, pour son mandat de Président, soit 130 000frs Cfa.


Update: 2018-8


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