Salary Diamond Platnumz

  • Musician
  • Born: 1989 Tanzania
  • Annual: R7 501 315,00
  • Monthly: R625 109,58
  • Weekly: R144 256,06
  • Daily: R28 851,21
Diamond Platnumz

Informationcradle: Diamond makes Tsh 2 million per day from his music and his popular Recording Studio, which comes down to 730 million Tsh annually. According to Gafla he received Tsh 7 million for his new years show. He performed appr. 10 shows in the US and Europe in 2018. Without adding further performances in Africa he earned roughly 1 billion Tsh in 2018, and highly likely a lot more. Jan. 2014: While performing in Tanzania, Diamond charges a fee in the region of Sh350,000 per show and when invited outside his country, he settles for not less than 25,000 US dollars (Ksh 2.1 million). He never misses two to four shows a week.
This estimate is low. Diamonds endorsements with Coca cola and mobile provider Vodacom have not been made public, as are his earnings of his record sales, so his total earnings could easily be more than double our estimate. Diamond net worth is estimated to be over Sh60 million (Tsh 1.2 billion)


Update: 2018-11


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