Wesley Sneijder
Soccer Player Galatasaray
Born: 1984, The Netherlands
Children: 1
  • Annual: ZAR 63,120,800.00
  • Monthly: ZAR 5,260,067.00
  • Weekly: ZAR 1,213,862.00
  • Daily: ZAR 172,934.00
Salary overview:
Kap.org.tr Oct. 2015: Our professional footballer Wesley Sneijder's contract has been extended for the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 football seasons. Accordingly, a fixed transfer fee of 3.200.000 Euro, a signature fee of 1.300.000 Euro and a per capita fee of 20.000 Euro (Super League matches, UEFA matches and Turkey Super Cup match) will be paid for each season related to football. In addition, the footballer will be entitled to receive 250.000 Euro at the Turkish Super League Championship, 250.000 Euro at the UEFA Champions League at the last 16 and 500.000 Euro at the UEFA Champions League Championship.
Quote Jan. 2015: 12 million euro
NuSport 24 February 2013: Salary 2012: 12.2 million euros
ESPN Socccernet January 25, 2013: According to a statement put out by the club, he'll earn "¬2m for the remainder of the 2012-13 season and ¬3.2m per-season in 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16 as well as a ¬25,000 bonus per-game [up to a limit of ¬500,000 per-season]. In addition to this, Sneijder will be paid a ¬3.9m signing-on fee, the payment of which will be broken up into instalments to be paid equally over the course of the next three seasons. So from this summer onwards, Sneijder's basic pay, excluding bonuses, will be 4.5 million pounds a year.
Picture: Postproduktie
Text: ESPN
Text: NuSport
Text: BBC
Text: Kap.org.tr
Update: 2017-3
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