Contract - Notice Requirement

Find the notice requirements needed to terminate a contract in South Africa at
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Either party can terminate a contract by serving a notice or paying in lieu thereof. According to the Labour Relations Act, a contract of employment may be terminated for any fair reason. Fair reason includes worker's (mis)conduct, poor work performance, employer's operational requirements and health injury leading to incapacity for work. If an employer wants to terminate the employment contract of a worker (or vice versa), the period of notice is at least:

- One week for workers who has been employed for four weeks or less;

- Two weeks for workers who have been employed for more than four weeks but not more than one year; and 

- Four weeks for workers who have been employed for one year or more

Notice period for domestic and farm workers (with more than four weeks of employment) are four weeks. A collective agreement may allow a shorter notice period than what is required under the law. (Section 37-38)

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